Fit Pro Tracker was built by gym owners with the core purpose of providing you with a solid overview of all your leads and members. With Fit Pro Tracker, you know the exact status of all your incoming and outgoing lead/member communications. Fit Pro Tracker is an All-in-house CRM that has texting, emailing, custom campaigns, referral management program and so much more your trainers and staff get their own profiles so you can see what they are doing/saying and you can assign them contacts/leads to different staff members so nobody falls through the cracks. Leads are too expensive to let that happen.

Basic Functions and Features of Fit Pro Tracker + Video Below
---Edit Profile and Assigned Contacts Notifications - 0:57sec
---Emailing and SMS Notification - 2:08sec
---Assigned Contact Messaging - 2:53sec
---Assigned Task For Staff Members - 3:55sec
---Contact Profile Walk-through - 7:03sec
---------Edit Contact - 7:22sec
---------Creating Notes 7:30sec
---------Sending email and sms to contact 1 to 1 - 8:27sec
---------Put contact into campaign 1 to 1 - 9:25sec
---------Change Contact Group (Lead, Trial, Members) 10:48sec
---Send Batch SMS and Emails to Multiple Contacts - 11:00sec.
---Batching Dashboard - 16:23sec
---Batch Campaign - 17:24sec
---Campaign Dashboard - 18:20sec
--- Forms Management- 19:29sec

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