You can create custom forms in your Form Management section with Fit Pro Tracker. Forms Management is located on the left hand side of Fit Pro Tracker.

Forms Management - 0:32sec

  1. First you will click on the left menu link, "Forms Management".

  2. Since this is the first time, you will click the "Add New Form" button to create a form.

  3. Form Name: This is the name you give your form for internal user and to identify in your drop down list when you want to email the form.

  4. Form Title: This is displayed on the form when a client views it on their device.

  5. Form Description: If you give more detail about the form and instruction that will also be displayed for them.

  6. Your Questions:
    a. You can create as many questions as you like. You have several types of questions to select from: b. Just enter your question that you want and then select if it is required or not.
    c. To add another question, just click the "Add question" option.

  7. When you have completed the questions that you want to ask, just click the "Save Form" button and your form is ready to email to your clients.

Preview Form

1. Once you have your form created, you can preview the form by selecting view icon.
2. You will not be to see the submit button since the form is encoded per client once you email that out to them with their unique link.

Email the Form - 3:23sec

  1. To get the Form sent to a client, you will need to send it via email with a encoded link with reference to the form.

  2. You will create your batch emails or you can create a quick email within the contacts email action tab.

  3. You will write one up to send. The most important item is that you need the tag attribute {formlink] in your email template.

4. You will also need to select which form in the dropdown to merge with your email via the [formlink] tag.

6. That is it. Your client will receive the email with a customized link to click. Just make sure they know this link is theirs only to see. Save the Link like a password and never share.
7. Once they fill it out, their answers will automatically be associated back to them in your database under their profile.
8. You can view the results, by going back to the Form Management and clicking on the Submitted number to see a drill down report of who has submitted their answers to the questions.
9. Then you can click on the contact name to go directly to their profile.

Note: You have several options in the Forms managment to simplify forms use - 7:00sec

  • In the Forms dashboard you can see the amount of questions each form has, as well as how many times it has been clicked and submitted. To view the everyone that has summited a particular form just click on the number in the summited column. This will show you everyone that has summited this form and to view the a contacts form just click on their name and it will bring you to their profile and automatically pull up the form you were wanting to see.

  • You also have different actions you can do with your forms, you can edit your form or clone it, you can also preview it or even share it from code, if you don't want to have a form anymore you can delet it.

There are 2 ways to add a form, one is to create a new form and the other one is to have a form from code - 1:22sec

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