When you log in to your Fit Pro Tracker account you will automatically be directed to the Dashboard. The Dashboard is a great way to see a quick overview of what is happening at your location.

This article will each of the Dashboard items.

If you navigate away from the Dashboard and need to come back, you can do so by clicking on Dashboard from the menu.

Contacts Birthdays

The Contacts Birthdays will show birthdays for all of your contacts. The dashboard view defaults to Today, but you may also view the Past 7 Days or Next 30 Days by clicking on the respective tabs. You may also click the 30 Day Report button to view a 30 day birthday report. From this report you can filter by contact group or export the report to an Excel document.

Upcoming Milestones

Milestones are a great way to celebrate the attendance of clients. You can create custom milestones. The dashboard view gives insight on who is approaching big milestones. For more information on how to create Milestones visit the help article by clicking here.

Daily Attendance

Daily attendance gives a quick view of the number of sessions scheduled, reserved, waiting queue, confirmed, no show, and cancelled. The chart auto populates the information for the day. You can filter by date by clicking the date button and selecting a range or specific date. There is also the ability to export the report to excel directly from the dashboard.

Leads By Source

Leads by source shows recent leads that have come in within the past week. It also shows the source of the leads. You can filter the dates by clicking the date button. You can also click on the number listed under leads to see the contact information for those lead sources. This is a great way to see what is working best for attracting new leads.


Leads shows a graph of the leads daily. It reports 8 days of data. When hovering over the leads on any day, it shows how many leads, sales and cancels there were for the day.

Assigned Task

Assigned task shows any tasks assigned to the staff member who is signed into their Fit Pro Tracker Profile. The tasks for that day are displayed. You may filter to see additional dates by clicking the arrow buttons to go backward or forward on the calendar, or click the calendar button and select a date. There is also a refresh button. You will also see a task management button that you can click on to filter further.

Clicking on the listed task will take you to the client profile so that you may take action on completing the task. Once completed the task will no longer show on the dashboard.

Assigned Contacts SMS Message

The Assigned Contacts SMS Message field will list any text incoming messages for the staff member from the clients they that staff member is assigned to. By clicking on the text message, you are directed to the client profile so that you may respond with a 1 to 1 message back to the client.

Assigned Contacts Email Message

The Assigned Contacts Email Message field works similarly to the SMS Message field. When a contact responds to or sends an email it will show up in the Dashboard for the assigned staff member. If you click on the message from the Dashboard you are directed to the client profile where you are able to respond with a 1 to 1 email.


The appointments field shows any upcoming appointments for the assigned staff member. The Dashboard defaults to today's date but you may change the date by clicking the arrow buttons or clicking the calendar icon and selecting the date you wish to view. You may also click on the appointments icon to access various filter features. Clicking on the appointment will direct you to the client profile.

Contact Count

Contact Count shows how many contacts are in each group. Clicking on the group will take you to a list of all contacts within that group.

Weekly Stats

Weekly Stats breaks down the weeks. It shows leads and various appointments scheduled over the life of the account.

New Memberships Past 7 Days

This graph is a good visual of the memberships that have been set up within the week.

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