Sending Batch Email - 4:17 Sec in Video Above

You can send Emails to different contacts at the same time. 

Batch Emailing gives you the possibility to choose contacts from "All Contacts" group or any other group you want.

You must ensure you have permissions to be able to send Batch Email.

Using the Filters button allows you to segment your list of people that you want to send a batch email to.

Next, using the checkboxes on the left of record, start choosing those to select them.  Once you have the selected contacts, the Batch Dropdown button will appear.  If you have permissions, Batch Email will be available to you.

You also have the option of sending an email template, add a document or a form template. Remember to add batch email name. The subject field must be 4 or more characters. 

  • Batch identifier: Batch id, please send this number to the support team if you have questions about the batch. 

  • Summary: Visual contact summary that allows you to keep a closer control to the amount of contact and contact groups the batch will be sent to.

  • Lists: There are 2 different lists, one list is the "To list" which refers to the contacts the batch will be sent to and the "Bad Contacts" list that is the contacts that are disabled to receive emails because they unsubscribed, their email address is invalid or the email bounced for some reason. 

Once you have the contacts you want to send the batch email to you can write the message, you can send it at the moment or you can schedule it for the future:  

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