Here we will walkthrough the first 4 steps of setting up your Fit Pro Track. It is required to compete these steps before moving on into Fit Pro Tracker.

  1. Setting up your unique Subdomain

  2. Set up Address and Timezone

  3. Setting up SMS Location Number

  4. Manually Input Lead

Please see the video and article below to see a walkthrough of each step.

Step #1 - Setting up your unique Subdomain- 0:16sec

Think of this as your unique market place to reference your gym location.

Your market name will help with your products from sign up, reply emails, and marketing. This is your brand name that will be easy to remember.

You can also use the default landing page to drive traffic to in order to get more leads. If they opt-in, that information will show up in your Lead Contacts Groups.

***** Please note that once you set your account subdomain, all email replies, form submissions, referral forms will use this subdomain.

If you change this after it is set, all previous emails, form submissions and referral generator will break!!!**********

You will see this in your web browser's address bar.

For example:


*Note, once set and you start emailing and using this for marketing purposes, and you change it later, all existing links will be broken!

Once you enter your sub domain name, click the Save button and you are done.

Step #2 - Set up Address and Timezone - 0:52sec

You will want to set up your basic information about your location address and very important with getting your Time Zone set.

Address: address of your physical location
Address (Other): additional address information
City: city
State: state
Postal Code: postal code
Location Name: This is the name of what people generally know your facility as.
Location Email: This email is used for system notifications, such as when you receive a inbound text message or inbound email. We set this to a catch-all email address that we can assign team members to that need to be notified.

  • Example: we use email address [email protected]......... which we have associated our actual work emails to receive from this email address.

Email From Name(Override Location Name): Your database comes with an internal email that you can use to email your clients. The address will be your Subdomain name [subdomain] The From Name that is shown to your clients email Inbox will be Location Name by default, however if you enter a name in this field, it will override the default location name.

Phone (Office): This is a landline phone or other mobile phone that you are using today.

Time Zone: This field is important to set!!! Make sure to set this one and then Save or Update your address.

Step #3 - Setting up SMS Location Number - 1:20sec
This is a one time option to select your Sms text number that will be used for your
location by all staff members unless you purchase additional numbers for your staff.

How to set this up SMS number

  1. Goto the Left Menu and Click to expand the “Location” menu item.

  2. Click “Sms” option to open a sub page in the right panel.

  3. Click the button, “Let’s Set This Up Now!”

4. Select the dropdown field to select your Country of operation.
5. Select country by select the dropdown field.
6. In the Area Code input box, type in your area code of operation.
7. Click the “Search For A Number” button.
8. You will see the Top 30 phone number options to Select from. If you don’t like any of
them, click the “Search For A Number” button again, and it will return another 30 number to choose from.
9. Example below:

Step #4 - Manually Inputting Lead Into Fit Pro Tracker - 4:00sec

In this screen you will fill in the form fields to add the lead manually.

Email: You must enter at least email to enter a record into your database.
First Name: First name of the contact.
Last Name: Last name of the contact.
Phone: Preferably a mobile number for the contact. Try to get a mobile number to be able to use the platform for texting SMS messages to your contact.
Lead Generator: Source of where or how this contact came to your facility. (Ex. Walk-in, Phone, Email, etc)

* If the default Lead Generator options do not satisfy your requirement, you can then add additional options in the Locations \ Labels area.

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