This is a one time option to select your Sms text number that will be used for your
location by all staff members.

How to set this up

  1. Goto the Left Menu and Click to expand the “Location” menu item.

  2. Click “Sms” option to open a sub page in the right panel.

  3. Click the button, “Let’s Set This Up Now!”

4.  Select the dropdown field to select your Country of operation.
5.  Select country by select the dropdown field.
6.  In the Area Code input box, type in your area code of operation.
7.  Click the “Search For A Number” button.
8.  You will see the Top 30 phone number options to Select from. If you don’t like any of
them, click the “Search For A Number” button again, and it will return another 30 number to choose from.
9.  Example below:

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