One of the biggest features of Fit Pro Tracker is be able to communicate within the system via text messages.  The system keeps track of who and when you send your text messages to your Leads and Members.

Watch this video to select and send a Sms text message.

Sending a SMS 1-to-1

  1. You can go to a contacts profile and send a sms to them by selecting the SMS tab.

2. You can also click on the SMS notification Icon and select "view all"

Once you click on view all then you will be able to select the conversation that you would like to look at and reply to.

Sending an SMS Batch (multiple contacts)

You can send a text to different contacts at the same time.

Batch texting gives you the possibility to choose contacts from "All Contacts" group or any other group you want.

You must ensure you have permissions to be able to send Batch SMS.

Using the Filters button allows you to segment your list of people that you want to send a batch SMS to.

Next, using the checkboxes on the left of the record, start selecting those to select them. Once you have the selected contacts, the Batch Dropdown button will appear. If you have permission, Batch SMS will be available to you.

You can add templates for the texts.

  • Batch identifier: Batch id, please send this number to the support team if you have questions about the batch.

  • Summary: Visual contact summary that allows you to keep a closer control of the amount of contact and contact groups the batch will be sent to.

*** Important: As an Owner, you can select what number you want to send the SMS from, either the location number or other staff members number (Additional Numbers). The idea of this is that if a staff member is on vacation or is not in for the day and there are some texts they have to reply to, the Owner can send them for them.

Additional SMS Info

-Purchasing Additional Numbers in Fit Pro Tracker

-Credit Calculation in SMS

-Credit Reports

-Purchasing Additional Credits

  • If the contact unsubscribed to your SMS they can opt-in again by texting your location phone number the word START

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