When you purchase a Fit Pro Tracker you get a plan with a certain amount of credits, in case you run out of credits you have 2 options to buy additional credits.
There are 2 types of credits: 

  • Plan credits: Credits that are part of the plan that get renewed each month. 

  • Purchased Credits: Additional credits you buy when you no longer have plan credits. These credits will be available until you use them up and will never expire.   

To buy additional credit you can go to Location menu and click on the Billing menu and then Credit menu: 

  • You can manually buy credits by clicking on the Add Funds button.

  • You can set up an Auto Recharge so each time your account is below 25 credits the system will recharge 1000 credits automatically.  

  • You can also see the History of your credits, who purchased them, the amount of credits purchased and the date the purchased was made. 

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