The system allows you to send SMS messages to different carriers.  One SMS message can contain multiple parts depending on the size and characters that make up one message.  These multiple parts are what we call a Credit.

When you send an individual SMS you can see the number of credits you have in each SMS: 

When you create a batch SMS message it will calculate the number of Credits the batch will cost.

Example:  If you create 1 message that contains 3 Credits and are sending to a 100 people, then that 1 message will cost you 300 Credits. 

If you want to know the number of characters you have and the number of credits the SMS is you can go to the location menu and under the numbers option you'll find the SMS Counter  

Here you can write the text you are going to send and see the Number of Characters as well as the Total Credits, on the left the message will be broken down for you to see the exact characters in the message:  

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