Checkout Pages are a great Fit Pro Tracker feature that you can use to create a unique URL that contains a web form. This web form can be used to sell potential clients an offer or just capture information for those migrating from other billing systems. The URL can be easily integrated into a website or sent out on a variety of platforms making it versatile and customizable for you and your business.

Please read the article and watch the video below to see how to set up your checkout pages in Fit Pro Tracker.

Before you create your first Checkout Page, it is suggested that you complete a few items in order to best optimize your checkout page.

  • The Billing Subscription you wish to offer - This may be a subscription you already offer or a limited promotional offer. Either way, you will want to ensure it has been created before starting your checkout page as you will add the offer as a part of building the page. For additional information on creating billing memberships, see the related help article by clicking here.

  • Create a unique lead source (optional) - You can create a lead source to easily identify those leads who came in from your checkout page. You can do this from the menu by clicking the Location dropdown, clicking Labels, clicking the Lead Source tab, and then clicking the Add New Lead Source button.

  • Create a unique tag (optional) - Tags are useful for grouping people and quickly identifying them. You can create a unique tag for the leads coming in from Checkout Pages. From the menu click on the Location dropdown, click Labels, click the Tags tab, and then click the Add New Tag Source button.

  • Create a Campaign that you wish to add the leads to (optional) - You have the option to add the leads that come from a checkout page directly into a campaign. This helps nurture the lead. For more information on how to create campaigns review the related help article by clicking here.

  • Create a form that you want the lead to fill out upon submitting the payment on your contact form (Optional) - If you have a form that you would like lead to fill out upon submitting their payment information on the checkout page you will want to create that in advance. Please review the article on how to create a form by clicking here.

Necessary steps to create your own Checkout pages:

1. On your Left Menu, click on the Billing dropdown, then click on Checkout Pages

2. Click on "Add Checkout Page"

3. Name the check out page and add a description to make it easily identifiable. **Please note that the description is just something seen internally and not by your clients. The description cannot be edited once created so including details such as pricing may be important identifiers.

4. Click the Create button

After clicking Create you will be directed to pages where you will customize your form. There are five (5) tabs that you need to complete in order for your Checkout page to function properly. The tabs include; Settings, Checkout Design, Product, Contact Management and Call to Action.

Important Tip: If you click the Validate and Save button before all tabs are completed you will receive an error ("An error occurred trying to save the checkout page. You must select a template"). If this happens, scroll to the top of the page, click on the Checkout Design tab and continue until all required fields on each tab are complete. (Error message below for reference)

1. Settings Tab

The first step is to complete the general settings:

Important TIP: You cannot leave the Product name and Product Url blank

You need to have at least one Control Allowed Group selected

  • Customize Product URL is just what is added to the end of the Checkout Page URL to make it unique. You will notice that as you type into the Customize Product URL field the Checkout Page URL updates at the same time with what you are typing.

  • Checkout Page Open/Close Dates - If you check the box to control the page being viewable you will need to select open and close dates for the offer. In addition, you will only have recurring Subscriptions show up as options once you go to add your products. The checkout page will only be available for the timeframe you set and all membership payments will be processed on the start date that you choose after the close date. For example, if you selected a date range of 30 days for the checkout page to be open, after 30 days an error message will be received if the link is accessed after the close date. (See example in the photo below) In addition, all recurring subscriptions you set up on the scheduled start date will start at the same time after the checkout page closes.

  • If you wish to not have Open and Close dates by leaving the box unchecked the link will remain active unless deleted, and only Single Payment Subscription options will show available when adding a product.

  • Control Allowed Groups - Select the groups you want to access. For example, if this is a promo for new members only then you would want to exclude current members.

  • Prevent Contacts by Tags - This allows you to select various tagged groups that you do not want to allow access to the promotion to. For example if you have contacts tagged in a different promotion you can add that tag to ensure they can't add the additional promotion.

2. Checkout Design

There are three templates in the Template library: Default, Bottom, and Basic. This just indicates the placement of the contact form on your Checkout Page. Examples are shown when selecting.
Important Tip: Selecting a template is required.

You can also select the color that best fits your logo:

  • Description - The description listed under the Checkout Design tab is an external description that your clients will see on the page. This is where you will include any information regarding the promotion that you want them to have.

  • Add a video to showcase.

    You may upload a Vimeo or Youtube video. Place the link right below where it says Embed or Link. If you wish to change or remove the video click the Clear button.

  • Product Image

    You may upload your product image by clicking the Upload Image tab (it should be smaller than 2MB, 250 x 250 pixels in size, and either JPG, PNG, or GIF format):

  • Additional Fields - Guarantee Title and text is where you can add your facility guarantee. For example 30 day money back guarantee if you don't love it. You may also edit the Checkout button text to create urgency or make it more personal to you.

  • Benefit/Features Points - This is where you can list out all of the great benefits of your offer and what your clients will receive.

  • Testimonials

    Let your contacts know what people are saying about your product. Click on the add button and add your real client testimonials. Make your testimonials more credible by adding an image of the client that submitted the testimonial.

3. Product

The product tab is where you select the product you are offering through the Checkout Page. Based on whether you selected a timeframe for the page to be viewable or not, on the settings tab, will determine whether recurring Subscriptions or single payment Subscriptions are available.

All the membership details will be shown here:

  • Plan Name

  • Price

  • Duration

  • Installments

  • Agreement Type

  • First Membership Date (If the membership has recurring payments, the first payment will be executed on this date)

Important TIP:

*If you want to create a checkout page just to collect payment information, all you need to do is to turn on the Only collect payment information button.

4. Contact Management

You can choose various automated actions that FPT will initiate for the contact once they opt-in by the Checkout page:

  • Associate to a Lead Source - This is a mandatory field. This field will link this purchase to a Lead Source and allows you to keep track of your leads.

    Important TIP: You need to choose a Lead Source.

  • Add a Tag to this Contact - This selection is optional but allows the ability for grouping into subcategories.

  • Add this contact to a Campaign - This selection is optional. You will want to have created the campaign already. This option is awesome because it automates communication to your new leads to help build relationships.

  • Assign this contact to a Staff member - Assign the contact to a staff member for them to follow up. This ensures that no leads slip through the cracks.

5. Call to Action

Finally, you can determine how the page should react after a contact submits the checkout page: (It is required to select Next Route)

  • Default Thank You Page - When you select this option the following message will appear upon submitting the form:

    **Please Note: There are no details about a purchase if the checkout page is to update payment details.**

  • External Link - You may link your page to another site such as Facebook, Instagram, or any website that you want to use. **Use the full URL including the https:// when adding to the the checkout page**

  • Fit Pro Tracker Forms - You may select a form that you have already created in Fit Pro Tracker and they will be sent to fill out the form upon completion of the the checkout page.

The final step is to click Validate and Save before viewing your Checkout page.

Enjoy creating your Checkout pages 😎💰

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