In this module we will be learning about the Billing feature in Fit Pro Tracker. Please see the video below to help you understand how to Creating Memberships, Putting Members/Trials Into Memberships and Refund.

Membership Categories-

- Membership categories is the place you can create categories for your active billing plans. You will first need to create categories before creating different billing plans for your members. You will be able to add, edit, and remove categories. Remember you are able to filter through the different filters categories in the top left corner.

Creating a Membership Plan- 1:45 sec.

- To create a membership plan you will first need to click on the memberships tab on the left side in Fit Pro Tracker. Click the blue-button to add a new plan to Fit Pro Tracker.

You can filter through your different memberships and see the active/archived memberships as well.

Once ready to create a new membership click "Add New Membership"

Creating A New Membership

You will then go to the "Add Membership" Page and you will be asked to fill out the following:

  1. Category Name- This is the membership category that you made in the step before.

  2. Name: This will be used on clients invoice. Remember only letters and numbers can only be used to name the Plan.

  3. Code- Leave blank if you don't have a code for the membership. The system will automatically put in a code. It is used to represent the membership. Owners give the codes to the accounts and CPAs. Only internal use and help for book keeping.

  4. Color- coordinate your membership and trials.

  5. Auto Renewal- Memberships will automatically renew at the end of the selected cycle. (Example: If the membership is month-to-month for 12 months, at the end of the 12 month membership it will automatically renew each month if turned "on")

  6. Allow Discounts- If turned on. You will be able to allow discounts when putting contacts into the memberships.

  7. Billing Details- You can choose the Installment Plans. Select the length and installment amount.

    1. Weekly - Charges every week

    2. Quarterly - Charges every month

    3. Monthly - Charges every 3 months

    4. Single Payment - One time single charge (used mostly for trials)

    5. Paid in Full - One time single charge (used mostly for memberships). Please note: If Auto Renew is turned off for PIF they will not show on the Active Memberships report.

  8. Agreement Type- This is for reporting purposes to make sure the membership or trial is reported correctly.

    1. Membership

    2. Membership PIF (paid in full)

    3. Trial

    4. Trial - Prospect

  9. Length - Number of billing cycle

  10. Installment Amount - The amount that will be charged each cycle.

  11. Add Tax - Be able to tax the membership installments and fees/extra charges

  12. Add Extra Charges - Recommendation for different fees/charges. These fees and charges can be removed and edited when you are in the process of putting a client into the memberships. It is just a recommendation but can be edited.

  13. Preview Billing Details- This is just a preview of the installments.

  14. Add - Click "Add" to create this membership.

Putting A Contact Into A Membership or Trial

1. Go to the contacts billing memberships section.

2.Contact profile and Membership

Click on "Add a Membership button" under the Customer ID and Phone number.

To look up members who are in your billing system you can click on "Customers" and filter through to see all your paying customers. You can also double-click on the client and it will open up their "Customer Information."

3.Steps To Setting Up Client In Membership/Trial-

Step 1- Membership/Trial- Choose the correct memberships and trial the client will be going into. A green check mark will shown when a membership/trial is selected.

Step 2- Preview Billing Details - Choose the start date that membership/trial will start the installment cycle.

Step 3- Add a Payment Method- Add a credit card/debit card to contacts profile charge the membership/trial.

Step 4- Subscription Fee- You are able to add/remove/edit the "Extra Charges and Discount". You can add either a percentage discount or a dollar amount discount. Either way it will auto-calculate the discount and also adjust the taxes accordingly, if applicable.

Click the continue button once completed and finished.

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