Milestones are a great way to celebrate clients for their session attendance.

You can easily customize milestones for your facility.

Watch this quick video tutorial for instructions on creating milestones:

Creating Milestones

  1. Create Milestones by clicking on the Session Attendance dropdown.

  2. Next, Click Milestones

3. Create a Name for the Milestone you would like to recognize

4. Add the Number of Sessions a client must complete to reach the milestone

5. Click the Save button

6. Once saved the Milestone will appear in the list of all Milestones on the right side

7. You may delete a Milestone by clicking the Delete button

View Upcoming Milestones

Upcoming Milestones may be viewed from the Dashboard.


You may pull reporting for Milestones Reached.

  1. Click on the Session Attendance dropdown

  2. Click on Reports

  3. Select Milestones Reached Report and click the View Report button

4. Once the report has been opened you may use the filter to select the dates you would like to see Milestones for.

5. Report shows the Contact Name, the name of the Milestone reached, and the date the Milestone was reached.

6. Click on the Export to Excel file to save the report or create the report in an Excel file.

7. Press the Go Back button to return back to the Session Reports

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