This report will show the total Past Due amount for all your members. It will also generate a summary of all memberships with past due status, this will help you monitor your collections.

To generate your Past Due Report, on your left menu, go to Billing tab, click on Reports and then select Past Due Report by clicking the View Report button.

In the report, you will see the Total Past Due amount, the amount may change everyday depending on the payment transactions and invoices that are due.

We have 2 tabs to view the summary of all your memberships with past due status, Customers tab and Invoices tab. You can click the columns if you want to sort the list alphabetically, according to dates or amounts.

With the new feature in Past Due Report, you can now conveniently process the payment by clicking the Add Payment button. A pop-up window will appear showing Add Payment details. To process the payment simply input the amount, select the payment method, insert notes and then click the Confirm button.

A Confirm Payment pop-up window will appear, click OK button to confirm the payment.

Like all the other Billing Reports, the Past Due report can be exported to an excel file for documentation and future reference. Just click the Export to Excel button.

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