In case you need to cancel a credit or an invoice, you may process a reverse transaction.

Note: The reverse transaction cannot be returned to its initial state after reversal.

To do this, please go to the contact's Members Details page, click on the Billing Management icon.

On the Billing Management Page, click on the Billing Activity Summary tab, and then click on Billing view and then click on the transaction id of the credit or invoice that you want to reverse.

A transaction details window will pop up, click the reverse button to reverse the transaction.

Note: The system will automatically create a note for the reverse transaction.

Confirm the action by clicking the OK button.

The reverse transaction will show real-time on Reconciled Transactions. The credit and invoice transaction will have a reversed status while the credit and invoice reversal will have applied for status.

Important Notes:

  • Today's Transactions have been removed from Billing view. In connection to this, the Reconciled Transactions will update real-time.

  • Reverse Credit:

    If there is a negative balance on the account prior to submitting a credit, you will not have the option to reverse the credit because the credit will automatically be applied to the past-due invoice.

  • Reverse Invoice:

    If the Invoice is associated with a payment the reverse option will not be available.

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