ClubReady is a Web-based fitness and gym management platform that’s branded for your club. From lead management through member retention.

The Integration with ClubReady allows you to push a contact information to the ClubReady system. Fit Pro Tracker does not retrieve information from ClubReady.

The first thing you'll need to do to integrate Club Ready to Fit Pro Tracker is to register into Club Ready, once you have your account you can integrate it with Fit Pro Tracker.

You will have to fill out documentation with them to get an API key and then also you will need your store id before you begin.

To integrate Club Ready you can go to your left menu and click into location and then integrations.

Remember to enter your Api Token as well as your location store Id (Number before the hyphen in your Club Ready profile).

Once you have that, you can go to your client's profile and add the contact to Club Read, if he / she is not in Club Ready.

If the user is not in Club Ready you can add him/her. If the contact is in ClubReady, you can sync the Contact with Fit Pro Tracker. This means that Fit Pro Tracker will store the contact Id in Fit Pro Tracker system.

*** Note: Your Api number is totally secure, it is encrypted, so no one will know about it.***

Here you have a video with more information:

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