Set up Fit Pro Tracker to receive leads (contacts) from your Facebook Lead Ad.

You will need the following to complete this module.

  1. Facebook Ads account

  2. Fit Pro Tracker account (

  3. Zapier account. This system is used to glue two or more systems together that acts as the middle man taking and pushing data between systems. (

Facebook Ads Setup

The First step you want to do is create your Facebook Lead Ad Form. The Form is the part that once a person sees an Ad, they will be take to your Form which is generally prefilled, making it easy for people to submit or optin their information to your Lead Ad.

When creating your Facebook Lead Form, Make sure to include the following fields in the Questions section for collecting data:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

Additional documentation at the Facebook site. Create Lead Ads on Facebook

Fit Pro Tracker Integration Setup

Once you are done with creating your Lead Form, you can go into Fit Pro Tracker Integrations to get your account ready to accept Leads from Facebook.

  1. First step is to go to the Left menu and expand Location menu and the click Integrations.

  2. Next you will click the submenu Facebook Lead Ads which should look like this below.

3. Next step you will click one of the buttons that says, "Add Facebook Lead Ad".
4. Go through each step and fill in the required and optional fields.
5. Name: Enter a name that you will reference internal to Fit Pro Tracker to identity this lead Ad.
5. Zapier Webhook Url: This will prefill for you and you will want to "Copy Text" for later and save to your clipboard as seen below

6. Lead Source: Select a lead source to associate this Facebook Lead Ad campaign.

Set optional settings that you want Fit Pro Tracker to perform after a contact optins.

  1. Select the checkbox for Email if you want to send an email to the contact with additional instructions.

  2. Select the checkbox for Sms if you want to send an Sms to the contact. You can also send an image if you click on the paper clip.

  3. You have the option of sending up to 3 numbers that you want to notify that you received an optin. Preferably team members!!!

The Text message will look like the following that gets sent to your staff:

🔔 Important!!!! Make sure to Save your settings before moving on! 👍

Zapier Integration

Final step is to link the two systems (Facebook and Fit Pro Tracker) together by Zapier.

Step One, click the big button, "Make a Zap!"

First you are setting up the Trigger, which is Facebook Lead Ad optin and then after this you will set up the Action being Fit Pro Tracker.


Now in the Search Bar for choosing a Trigger App, type in "Facebook Lead Ad" and select.
Next is the only option available, which is New Lead, click the Save + Continue button.

This step is to Connect an Account which is you authenticating with Facebook. After connecting, make sure to Test and get a Success! Click the button Save + Continue.

Now you will need to select from the dropdown which page your Lead Ad form is associated with that you completed in the first step above.

Next select the Form. You need to do this!!! Then click the Continue button.
You will be asked to Test and Continue.


Now comes the Action which it pushing the data to Fit Pro Tracker and into your Leads group.
In search box for Choose an Action App, type in "Webhooks by Zapier" and select.

In the create, you will want to select "POST" option.

Click the Save + Continue.

You will need to take the url link from above "Zapier Webhook Url" and paste this into the URL text box as is.

🔔 Important!!!! Payload Type, you will set this option to "JSON" from the dropdown.

You can leave everything else as default.

Finish clicking through and test if you want!

Name your Zap and set it to the ON position.


The New Lead can be added to a campaign or a tag, you can also send a one time welcome email or sms to your leads by enabling the option and adding the information needed:

You can also Assign the new lead to a Staff member as well as selecting 3 Staff numbers to send a SMS Notification after the optin


This video shows you how you can test your Facebook Lead Form integration with Zapier and Fit Pro Tracker.

That is it! Now, go get some leads!!! 😎

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