If you want to have extra information about your batch messages you can go to the Batching Dashboard and cancel or edit a scheduled campaign, you can also see the information of a cancelled campaign as well as the completed campaign.  

If it is a scheduled batch you can double-click on the batch and see the details about the batch.

  • You can edit the name of the batch. 

  • You can edit the content of the batch. Make sure you hit “save” in the upper right-hand corner.

  • You can also add or remove people from the batch in this area. To remove a user, just hit the “X” next to their name on the right, and confirm if you would like to delete that contact from the batch.

  • You can search for the contacts in your batch to remove or add someone to the batch.

  • You can also cancel the batch by clicking “cancel” in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Hit “go back” to go to the main screen.

If you already completed or canceled the batch, you can still double-click on the batch to see the details of what you did.

  • You can see the body of the message.

  • You can also see who the message was sent to.

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