Think of this as your unique marketplace to reference your gym location.

Your market name will help with your products from sign up, reply emails, and marketing. This is your brand name that will be easy to remember.

You can also use the default landing page to drive traffic in order to get more leads. If they opt-in, that information will show up in your Lead Contacts Groups.

** Please note that once you set your account subdomain, all email replies, form submissions, referral forms will use this subdomain.

If you change this after it is set, all previous emails, form submissions and referral generator will break!!!

You will see this in your web browser's address bar.

For example:


Step 1: On the left navigation menu, click the Location menu item.

Step 2: After selecting Location, more options will dropdown. Select the Settings menu item.

Step 3: In the Settings tab and click the submenu item Subdomain. Once here, this is where you will enter your unique subdomain that is easy to remember. *Note, once set and you start emailing and using this for marketing purposes, and you change it later, all existing links will be broken!

Step 4: Once you enter your subdomain name, click the Save button and you are done.

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