There is no need to create a separate list for your modified invoices just to monitor them. We have created a new addition to the collection of reports available in your Fit Pro Tracker.

The new report will help you manage all the modified invoices in just one view and help you identify which action has failed so you can easily correct them. It is called the Modified Invoice Report and it is located on the Billing tab on your left menu and under Reports.

There are different filters available based on your preferences.

  • Date Filter - select from the different date range how you would like to filter by date. You can choose Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days, you can also choose This Week or Last Week, you can also filter the Last Month or This Month, This Year or Last Year and of course there is an option to Custom Range. Just select the filter you like and click Apply button. The date that will be used in this filter is the date of the modified invoice.

  • Customer Filter - if you have a specific customer that you want to check this is the right filter to use, so you can save time scrolling from the list. And when you click the name of the client itself, it will bring you to the Contact Profile.

  • Membership Filter - you can easily filter on specific membership using this filter.

  • Staff Filter - this filter will help you view the modified invoice created by the staff member you selected. By default whoever is the login user will be the staff member selected. You can also choose Select a Staff to view all staff members.

  • Action Status - find out if the action has been completed, failed, up coming or in progress using this filter.

And like other reports, you have the option to download the report by clicking Export to Excel button.

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