In this article, we will cover how to set up the taxes that you are required to charge.

**An important note** Taxes vary based on your state and local guidelines. If you have questions regarding what sorts of sales are taxed, we recommend you reach out to a professional in your local area for guidance.

You can easily add the necessary tax rates to Fit Pro Tracker which allows you the ability to select the tax to add to applicable purchases. In addition, the Fit Pro Tracker billing system will automatically calculate the taxes for you based on the charge amount making sales easy!

You can add various tax rates by going to the Billing Dropdown on the main menu. Once you open the billing menu select Taxes.

Next, click the Add New Tax button. Fill out the Tax Label and Rate % fields and click the Confirm button to save.

You may also edit the Tax label and/or the Rate% after confirming by clicking the Edit button.

You also have the option to Archive the Label at any time which removes it from the active list but still allows you view it in the archived location.

You may also Unarchive the label, if necessary.

Once the tax rates are saved you are able to add them to products when setting up your POS.

You may also select to add taxes to your billing memberships, if necessary.

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