If you use WIX for your business website, you are able to set up automations so that site visitors can come over directly to Fit Pro Tracker as a lead. This allows for better oversight of leads, follow up, and ensuring leads to your website aren't slipping through the cracks.

Setting up the WIX to Fit Pro Tracker integration is quick and easy. Just follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to your Fit Pro Tracker account.

  • Click on Location

  • Click on Integrations

  • Find WIX and Click on the +Manage button.

  • Click the Add a WIX Integration button

  • Add a Description and a Lead Source

  • Click the Save button

  • Once you click Save, a Webhook URL will be displayed

  • Copy the URL

  • Log in to your WIX site dashboard.

  • Click on Automations

  • Click on +New Automation

  • Start by selecting the Trigger from WIX

  • Scroll down and choose Connect to Webhook as your action

  • In the Target URL field you will paste the URL you copied from Fit Pro Tracker

  • You may edit the timing and frequency of the trigger if you would like by selecting the dropdowns.

  • Click the Activate button to begin the automation

  • You will see the Automation that you created added to your Automations dashboard on WIX

Once the automation is triggered through your WIX website, the lead will automatically go into your Fit Pro Tracker. You will see the lead on your Fit Pro Tracker Dashboard under Leads by Source.

To see further details on the leads themselves, just click on the Lead Source. Ex: WIX. This will bring up an expanded view and additional details for the leads.

By clicking on the checkbox next to the lead names you are able to perform various actions including batching. Click the Batch button for :

  • Batch Email

  • Batch SMS

  • Batch Campaign

  • Batch Follow Up

  • Batch Notes

  • Batch Remove Tags

  • Batch Booking

  • Batch Resource

You may also Assign Staff Members, Download a CSV, Add Tags, Mark as Complete, or View Selected.

For a quick video tutorial on the WIX integration, click here.

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