All Attendance report is a new feature that is added to the Session Attendance Reports. This will help you to easily monitor the daily attendance and manage no-shows, cancellations and late cancellations. To access All Attendance report, go to Session Attendance on your Left menu and then select Reports.

All Attendance is a breakdown into 7 different tabs to easily sort the activity types.

  • All Activity Types

  • Confirmed

  • No Show

  • All Cancellations

  • Late Cancellations

  • Waiting List

There are a lot of options in All Attendance. On the top of the page, you have the Filters option, this will allow you to select the view date by clicking the calendar icon. On each tab/report, you will have the option to send Batch Email or Batch SMS to the contacts you selected. You can also Export to Excel each tab/report to have it on file and the option to sort it from AM to PM sessions and vice versa is also available.

To view the contacts under the session, simply click the drop-down arrow on the left side. It will display the names and activity types under that session.

Moreover, you will now have the option to charge a fee for no-shows, cancellations and late cancellations by using Add Invoice button. When you click the Add Invoice button, you will get a pop-up window, just enter the amount, select the due date, add payment and choose the credit card and then leave a note and click the confirm button.

You can also leave a note by using Add Note button.

The Add Invoice and Add Note options are only available in No Show, All Cancellations, and Late Cancellations tabs. When you use these 2 options, it will also show in the Activity Feed section of the contact's profile.

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