Fit Pro Tracker created a mobile phone app for both IOS and Android users. Using the FPT App will be extremely convenient for booking sessions on the go and checking on the information the staff members send the clients through the Resource Vault.

The IOS & Android interfaces for this app are user friendly and don't have much difference as you'll see in the illustrations below:

To use the Booking App you need to Register by using the SMS code that your fitness center sends you. After registering the App you will be prompted to create a password. Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters in length and contain at least one of each of the following characters; an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number and a non-alphanumeric character. Once you have successfully created your password you will be able to Log in using the same email you provided to your fitness center and the password you have just created. Once logged in you will select your Fitness Center location.

Next, you'll be prompted to the 'Dashboard' or 'Home' where you'll see different functionalities for both IOS and Android as below:

1. Book A New Session

  • To book a session, click on 'Book a new Session' tab or 'Book' option at the bottom section and you'll be prompted to where you can see:

    • Different dates with 4 days displayed to select on or click the 'Calendar' icon to display more dates for an entire month to choose from:

    • Number of the available sessions for each date you'll choose

    • Number of available spots left per session

  • Select a date and a session, then click the 'Book' button.

  • Once a session is booked, you will also be given an option to 'Cancel booking'.

Note: A confirmation email will be sent to your email address once a session is booked.

2. Upcoming sessions/Reservations

  • The number of booked sessions will reflect under 'Upcoming Sessions' or 'Reservations' on the Dashboard/Home section.

3. Next session

  • Serves as a reminder for the upcoming booked session

    Note: If you have booked 2 sessions or more in a day, the session that has an earlier time will reflect first in this tab.

4. Attendance History

  • Displays the summary of all booked sessions whether attended or not.

  • Click the 'Attendance History' tab to expand details.

  • When expanded, the only numbers to display are for the attended sessions ONLY.

5. Resources

  • Shows 'Vault Resources' modules

  • Click the 'Resources' tab to expand details.

  • When expanded, you'll be able to see all from 'Vault Resources'.

Cancel Booking

  • In case you need to cancel a booked session, you may look for the session you want to cancel by going to the 'Book' section at bottom.

  • Click on 'Cancel Booking' button and hit 'OK'.

Update Profile Information

  • With IOS, updating profile is separated into 3 sections - Personal Info, Address & Emergency. Each section must click on 'Save Changes' once information is updated/filled out to apply changes.

  • With Android, updating your profile can be made in a single section as illustrated below. Remember to always click on 'Update Profile' button to apply all changes made.

Password Reset

  • To reset the password using both IOS and Android, see how below:

  • On the left upper side of the page, click on your profile and select 'Settings'.

    1. Hit 'Reset Password' and it will prompt you to Fit Pro Tracker webpage to access 'Intercom'.

    2. Click on the 'Message' bubble icon to get to the 'Intercom' page

    3. Click ' Send a Message' to start a conversation with one of our support team to assist you with the steps on how to change a password.

  • The other option to reset your password is through the website:

    1. Type your 'Username' in the box and click on 'I forgot my password'.

    2. Enter your 'Email' and click on 'Send My Password Reset Link' and you will receive the password reset link to your email.

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