When adding a subscription to a client profile you are also able to add one-time fees. The most common types of fees are start-up fees for new members. It is important to know that the fees will be charged the same day as the first subscription payment.

Please read the information below for an understanding of the subscription fees you may charge and when they are billed.

Subscription fees are one time fees added at the beginning of a subscription and include fees such as:

  • Signup Fees

  • Upkeep Fees

  • Equipment Fees

  • Maintenance Fees

To view/add these fees you will select the Billing Subscription you wish to add and then scroll down and click the down arrow next to Subscription Fees. This will open up a window with all of the available fees you are able to add as well as the Discount option (Discounts are outlined in a separate article).

If you are setting up a same-day subscription, all subscription fees in addition to the first installment are charged today.

To schedule a subscription for a future date, go to Billing Details, click the calendar icon and select the preferred start date. The selected date will also be when any of the additional subscription fees will be processed.

When selecting a future date you will notice the option for adding ProRate. The ProRate option allows you to begin the membership before the full membership amount is deducted.

For example: If a client wants their subscription to be billed on the 9th of each month but they would like to begin attending sessions right away, you have the ability to calculate the ProRate amount and bill them for the difference in days.

In addition, you still have the ability to charge any of the regular subscription fees such as start-up or maintenance fees.

Since the ProRate begins the subscription immediately the ProRate charge is billed today. Other subscription fees are billed on the date of the first full subscription installment.

When adding a discount on a ProRate Subscription the ProRate payment will also be automatically adjusted to the same percentage that the subscription is being discounted.

Important Tip: You cannot schedule the subscription fees on a different date from the first payment/single payment date.

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