For the last system update of the year, we are making sure it's something big. We are dedicated to give you only the best service and great experience. Scheduling invoices and single payment subscriptions is finally possible. Please read the summary below and check the article attached for more information.

Waiver removed due to Improvement

Waivers will be removed from the system to be improved, this means that the option for you to see and send waivers to your clients will no longer be available in the system. In case you want to keep the feature on for your location, please send a request to our Support Team through our Help Center Chat.

Scheduling Invoice (Article here)

Now you have the ability to add an invoice and schedule it at a later date. The balance will not be affected until the scheduled invoice reflects on the account and viewing all the scheduled invoices is simple with the new toggle button on the Reconciled Transaction. The best part is that it will not only collect the invoice but also any past due on the account.

Scheduling Single Payment Subscription (Article here)

You can now start a Single Payment Subscription and schedule the payment at a later date. This also applies to Sign Up Fees and Jumpstart Fees. The flexibility of the payment schedule is a great advantage for both gym owners and members. The attached article will guide you on how to process, cancel and even charge now if needed.

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