We now have a new feature in the system, where you can add an invoice and schedule it at a later date.

On your contact's Billing Management page, go to Billing Activity Summary tab and click the Add Invoice button.

You will get an Add Invoice pop-up window. Input the amount and then click the calendar icon to drop down the calendar so you can select the date you want your invoice to reflect on the account and then click the Confirm button.

A confirmation window will pop-up, kindly click the OK button to confirm. After scheduling an invoice, the balance on the account will not show any changes.

To easily view the scheduled invoice, click the toggle for Only Scheduled.

Important Note: If the account has a past due balance, the system will collect both the invoice and past due on the scheduled date.

Another new feature, you can now schedule a Single Payment subscription. Kindly check this Article for more information.

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