Lead/Trial Tracker

You can track the converted leads through their trials into membership. Use this spreadsheet to help you ensure contact with your leads.

Lead/Trial Tracker (Spreadsheet)

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New Location/Owner Scorecard

Track your weekly numbers (stats) using this spreadsheet to gauge where you are and have more informed discussions with your CAP coach.

New Location/Owner Scorecard (Spreadsheet)

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You can take advantage of the convenience and functionality of WaiverForever to collect waivers, agreements and even cancellation documents electronically with digital signatures from your clients.

Furthermore, this service works on all devices like cell phone, tablet, laptop/computer whether its Android or iOS.

Please check this document Waiver Forever Set Up Guide for a comprehensive guide for setting up your WaiverForever account, creating your templates and uploading them to your client’s account in Fit Pro Tracker.

Here is the step overview:

Step 1 Choose Your Plan & Register

Step 2 Update Account Settings

Step 3 Set Up Your First Waiver

Step 4 Update Template Settings

Step 5 Collect & Send Your Links

Quick links below:

Important Notes:

While you can upload the PDFs of the signed documents to Fit Pro Tracker, please know that there is no integration to automate this process and there are no plans to build an integration at this time.

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