Hi there, we have more updates before the year ends as we commit to continually enhancing our service for your great advantage. The billing tab has some new cool features. Please read the summary below and check the article attached for more information.

Reconciled Transaction

Now you don't have to wait 24 hours before the latest transaction is available for you to view. Reconciled transactions will show in real time, yes REAL TIME! This update is very useful in confirming the status of your recent processed transaction.

Today's Transaction

Because of the new update with Reconciled transaction menu, we removed Today's transactions menu from Billing. Now you don't have to switch menus to check the latest transaction updates, you are able to see everything you need in one menu.

Reverse Transaction (Article here)

You may now cancel a credit or an invoice because the reverse transaction is now enabled, in addition to that the system will automatically create a note for the reverse transaction and you can view the status right away in the reconciled transaction. The attached article will guide you on how to apply the reverse transaction.

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