1. Setting up your API access with Inbody needs to be done first. Talk to your Inbody rep to assist you with this

2. Go to the API url - https://apiusa.lookinbody.com/

3. After logging in, click on Setup

4. Copy API-KEY

5. Login to FPT

  • Go to Location

  • Integrations

  • Click Manage on the Inbody Integration tile

  • Go to the Inbody API token input box and paste in your API-Key pasted from the Inbody site

  • In the Your Location Account input box, ensure you are entering the same user-name you used for logging into the Inbody API Site

Pro Tip: If you encounter issues with Inbody integration and you are certain that you are using the same username in both Inbody and FPT, fill out the this form
Application Form – API Facility - LookinBody | InBody Digital Services and submit it so that Inbody can get your account enabled with the API.

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