As an owner, you can grant certain permissions to your staff members by going to your Left Menu, selecting the Owners tab and clicking Staff.

You will then be redirected to the Staff Management page. Here you can see all of the staff members and their access type and actions you can perform.

  • You can resend the invite to a staff member by clicking on the Mail icon.

  • You can completely disable a staff member by clicking on the Revoke Access button.

  • You can see staff member information by clicking on the View button.

When you clink the View button, you will be redirected to the staff management page of the selected staff member. This page has 4 tabs: Profile, Access, Activity, and Logging.

Under the Profile tab, owners can view and edit personal information of staff members (Name, Phone, Email, etc.). Just click the Update button to save changes.

Protip: Make sure to provide all information to easily search staff members in the system.

Under the Access tab, owners can control the features and functionality of staff members.

  • User Type - You can assign the user type of staff members to Owner, Manager, Staff or Trainer.

These are the menu according to the User Type.

1) Owner

Owners have access to Billing, Numbers and Staff. It also has exclusive access to Merchant Status, Merchant Application, Settings and Taxes.

2) Manager

Managers have access to Billing, Numbers and Staff and no access to Merchant Status, Merchant Application, Settings and Taxes.

3) Staff

No access to Billing, Numbers, Merchant Status, Merchant Application, Settings, Taxes and Staff.

4) Trainer - same with the Staff.

  • User Privileges - You can modify the user privileges of staff members on Messaging, Campaigns, Contact Activity Profile and Billing Privileges according to your preference using the on/off button next to the features. Just click the Update User Privilege button to save changes.

Important Note: Even if the User Type is Owner, you can still control the User Privileges.

  • Granted Permissions

    Merchant Status - shows the status of the Merchant Application, it should show Manually Approved.

    Merchant Applicant - access to Merchant Application form.

    Manage Taxes - this enables to add taxes on Memberships and POS.

    Billing Settings - enables to modify setting for Billing Management.

  • Update Staff Password - You can easily reset or assign a new password to staff members. Just click the Set New Password button to save changes.

Under the Activity tab, owners can view the actions taken by their staff members. They have the option to export the list to Excel file. They may also decide how to sort the list and assign the columns by clicking on the three dots.

Under the Logging tab, owners can view the history of the staff member's log ins.

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