Great news!!! We worked on a great enhancement for your Billing system. Our team created an Invoice Overhaul that will help you to better understand your financial income and revenue from your clients and in a simpler way!

Please read the articles to ensure the learning process of the new view and the very useful new feature we implemented.

When you add a membership or a trial to your contact the system will enable the Billing profile. You'll see the billing profile shortcut button on top of the Contact profile:

Once you have activated the Billing profile you’ll see the tabs for the Subscriptions, Billing Activity Summary, Payment Methods and Subscription History.

There's one place where you can see all the transaction history for a client, you can add actions according to your needs. In the Billing Activity Summary tab, you’ll check your contact’s transactions and you will also have the option to:

  1. Add an Invoice (Rest to the Balance )

  2. Add Credit (Add up to the Balance)

  3. Add Refund ( Rest to the Balance )

  4. Add Payment (Add up to the Balance)

The Billing Activity Summary Tab gives you different options to easily filter your transactions:

  1. Billing View

  2. Ledger View

  3. POS Transactions

  4. Only Past dues

  5. Date range


If you want to see the transaction status you can use the Billing tab and see Today’s Transactions Menu (You need to click on the­ v icon to open the menu) and the Reconciled Transactions Menu is expanded by default:


The Ledger tab will show you the raw information about your transactions, remember that you can export the transaction information in an Excel Spreadsheet. Here you have the information you can find in the Ledger View:

  • Transaction Number

  • Create date

  • Due Date

  • Type

  • Amount

  • Balance

  • Creator

  • Note


Using the POS filter will help you to see all the invoices using the Point of Sale System. If you click on the Invoice number you can see the Invoice Details.

In case you want to see your Billing transactions and information in only one place you can use our Reports:

  • Transaction Report

  • Canceled Membership

  • New Memberships

  • Paused / Frozen Memberships

  • Projected EFT

  • Active Memberships

  • Active Trials

  • Past Due

  • Inactive / Expired or near to expire Payment Methods

Reports Pro-tip:

  • You can Download any Billing Report into an Excel spreadsheet

  • You can click on the Contact name and the system will direct you to the contact's profile

Remember that the balance is the real-time calculation of the amount of money your client owes you and/or you owe your client.

You may go to the customer's profile click on the blue billing icon and then click the Billing Activity Summary.

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