It's just a week after our last release and here we are with some new updates. This is how committed we are to improve the system and serve you better. Please read the summary below and check the attached articles.

Dynamic Notes (Article here)

We now have the ability to edit/modify the notes on the Invoices. Check the article and see how you can do this.

New categories for Memberships (Article here)

Creating memberships has new options to categorize it as an active membership or as an active trial. You may also choose its membership type (Paid in full, challenge, or add-on) and to what group the contact will be placed. Check this out and read the attached article to see how this might benefit you.

Task Management (Article here)

Creating and assigning follow-up tasks is important, managing them is equally important. We have improved the follow up task feature. Please read the attached article to see the enhancements.

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