Hey guys!! Good news 🎉 we have some features we are releasing tomorrow, here you can see a preview and the articles.

We added extra validation on the Merchant Application to get more information for our Billing Processor and the last but not least important feature is the fix for deleting only one session and not the entire series.

Here you have more information on our releases for this week:

Merchant Application (Article here)

The merchant application now collects the driver's license of the owner/s. It also asks which state issued the Driver's License.

This information is also collected from the officer.

Single Session Delete/Edit Fix (Article here)

The ability to delete and edit a single session has been fixed.
When you want to delete a session, you simply need to let your cursor hover on a session until the "X" mark appears, then click on that.

A box will pop up giving you the option to delete that one single session or the entire series.

You may also edit sessions. Simply double-click on the session. A popup box will show giving you the option to edit one single session or the entire series.

Edit the session or the entire series and make sure to hit Save.

Credit Card Delete Pop Up (Article here)

The process of deleting a credit card has been enhanced to ensure that credit cards are not deleted accidentally.
After clicking the red trash can icon, a box pop-ups confirming such action.

The credit card will only be deleted when OK has been clicked.

Refund on a Specific Card (Article here)

The process of making refunds has been improved in such a way that the amount being refunded goes to the correct card in case there are several payment methods on file for the client.

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