Now you have the option to personalize each session and the time your clients can book in advance or cancel the sessions. It is important that you can control each session policy and create your own to best fit your gym. Our Booking Policies give your clients more flexibility to book or cancel sessions and you can decide each policy for each session.

Please note that you need to be listed as an Owner to have the Booking Policies Permission enabled. If you are an owner and you want to grant access to a staff member to this new feature you can use the Billing Settings Menu.

Once you open the Billing Settings you can choose the Staff option and click on the Edit button next to the staff member you want to grant access to:

The Booking Policies permission is at the end of the list so please make sure to scroll down so you can see it:

You can turn on and off your Booking Policies by opening your Billing Settings and turn on or off the Enforce Booking Policies toggle, you can also select the Maximum time allowed before the membership becomes active:

You can find your Booking Policies by going to your Session Attendance Menu and clicking on the Booking Policies option:

When you open your Booking Policies Menu you'll see the default policy and the number of sessions that are linked to it.

You are able to add your own policies, to do so you can click on the Add option. When you create a new Booking Policy you'll be able to personalize the hours or days for

  • The Minimum time required to make a new booking

  • The Maximum time allowed to make a new booking

  • The Minimum cancellation notice required to avoid fees.

  • Cancellation Policy Description

You need to link the Booking Policy to the Sessions so your clients can follow those policies when booking sessions. In case you want to see all the Sessions linked to a specific Booking Policy, click on the information icon:

When you create sessions you can choose the Booking Policy, you can also update previous sessions you already had in the calendar. (Click here for more information on how to how to book sessions)

Remember that your clients will be able to book sessions according to the policies on your sessions. Please note that if your clients cannot book sessions you'll have to check your Sessions and your Booking Policies.

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Support Team and they will be happy to assist you 👍

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