You will be receiving daily deposits on week days outside of holidays (Monday-Friday. The deposit is whatever was related to charges three days previous. Please see below to help you when your location starts receiving deposits.

Credit Cards Deposit

If you charge something on Monday, it is deposited into your account on Thursday. Please see below to help you.

  • Monday deposits: transactions from Wednesday

  • Tuesday deposits: transactions from Thursday

  • Wednesday deposits: transactions from Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Thursday deposits: transactions from Monday

  • Friday deposits: transactions from Tuesday

Zift runs the transaction for the day before 12 midnight EST. Transactions processed after 12 midnight will reflect on the following day.

ACH Deposits-

  • ACH deposit schedule is the same as the CC deposit schedule above.

  • Returns can happen at any time, just like chargebacks can happen at any time.

  • Returns for reasons like "no account" or "insufficient funds" usually happen within a couple days, but that all depends on how fast the receiving bank responds.

  • Returns for reasons like "not authorized" can happen at any time and up to like 90 days later or more depending on the bank.

    Important Note:
    ACH has lower processing fees and has no expiration date unlike Credit Cards.

Deposit Statements

Each time you receive a deposit from Zift you will also be receiving a Deposit Statement from Zift with a breakdown of what was deposited into your bank account. If you are not receiving anything please check your "Junk or Spam" folder.

Not Receiving Deposits Statement?

  • Zift will be sending a statement with each deposit from [email protected]

  • Check "Spam and Junk Folder"

  • Contact FPT Help Center in the bottom left corner of your Fit Pro Tracker

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