Billing Management allows you to create different settings for your billing system by location and by staff.

To access Billing Settings:

  1. Go to the left Menu and click Billing then go to Settings.

2. In Settings, you will find the Billing Management by Location. There are 4 options that you are able to turn on or off.

  • Enforce billing for session registration
    When this option is on, users will require an active membership and no past due payments to be eligible for booking sessions

  • Send reservation email notification
    When this option is on, users will receive an email every time they book a session or cancel a session

  • Send email for new memberships
    When this option is on, users will receive email every time they enroll on a membership. It is important that this is turned on for those who are adding new members. For those migrating you may opt to turn this off to start and turn it on after migration takes place.

  • Enforce Booking Policy

    When this option is on, booking policies will be enforced.

All you need to do is to turn the button on or off depending on your preferences.

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