Fit Pro Tracker has created a migration process that was designed to quickly transfer your contacts info (credit cards, agreements, waivers, etc) from Club Ready into Fit Pro Tracker. Please follow the process to complete the migration process.STEP #1: Complete Migration Setting Page

Preparation Items

Download your current active paying trials and members from ClubReady into an excel file and then upload this file into Fit Pro Tracker.

This step will need to be done prior to Fit Pro Tracker running a backend process to automatically migrate your exit file data into Fit Pro Tracker.

We will use this information to help find current members from the data exit files we receive from your current payment processor.

How to download your active member/trial list from ClubReady

  • Log into ClubReady account

  • Then go to the top menu and select "Reports", next on the left menu, select "Members", and then make sure to select "Members List".

  • You will see two tabs, make sure "Member List" tab is selected.

  • Click the radio button "Active Members".

  • Now click the button "Run Report".

  • Once you see your data in the grid, hover over the "Save" icon and select the dropdown. Then select "Excel" to download your file to your computer.

  • Now find your excel file that you saved to your computer in the above step and open it.

  • Next, you will remove the Row 1 from your excel file that shows the overview data. If you do not remove this row, the upload will not work.

  • Next you will delete all columns except the following:

    • Member First Name

    • Member Last Name

    • Member ID

    • Currently Frozen

    • Membership Expires

    • Membership Type

    • Cell Phone

    • Email

    • Next Payment Due

    • Next payment Amount

    • Active EFT

  • Once you have deleted the columns that are not required, make sure to save the file to your computer.

  • Next we will upload this file into Fit Pro Tracker.

Upload the active members/trials list into Fit Pro Tracker

  • In Fit Pro Tracker, on the left menu, select Billing, then select Migration Report.

  • In the Preparation Items, click on the Upload button.

  • Follow the instructions by selecting the this file contains a Header row and continue.

Upload Data From File

Confirm Mapping

Confirm the required fields in the excel and then complete the upload. Remember we are pulling the clients information from the Club Ready exit file we receive. The "Member ID" is the field that is required and mandatory to be completed.

Processing Rules

The following settings are used when we run the backend process.

Choose which source that transfers in the migration process. The options are Club Ready or Fit Pro Tracker. If you choose Club Ready the info (birthday, contact address, emergency contact) that comes from the exit file will override your Fit Pro Trackers info. If you choose Fit Pro Tracker it will override the Club Ready exile file with the contacts are mapped. This process will let our migration system know if your data for your clients Address, Birthday date, and Emergency contact information should be from Club Ready exit file or your Fit Pro Tracker.

Auto-Generate Customers

Lastly, let our system know if you would like to automatically create profile of clients found in your Club Ready exit file we receive and not currently in Fit Pro Tracker. If you select the feature "Auto-Generate" the system will automatically create and map the contacts from the Club Ready exit file that are not in your Fit Pro Tracker. It will automatically create a profile and map the client info in your Fit Pro Tracker. It was designed to save you time if your Fit Pro Tracker is not up to date.

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