*Please note that the Client App is replacing iliv.fit. 2-way direct message currently only available on iliv.fit.

How to Create In The Resource Vault-

--Click on Location (Left Side Of Dashboard)

--Select "Resource Vault"

--Click on the "Create A New Resource" button

--Name Your Resource

--Add a photo to your Resource

--Edit/Add Menu and Submenus ( By Clicking Pencil Icon )

--Add different Submenus and create how you would like it to look for your members and trials

--Select Save When Finished

How To Send Resource Vault- (2 Ways)

Sending Resource to One Member/Trial At A Time-

--Go to Contacts Profile

--Click on Resource Vault Tab

--Select the Resource you would like to share by clicking the box in the share column

Sending to Batch (Multiple Members/Trails)-

--Select Multiple Members/Trials

--Select Batch (Blue Button)

--Select Batch Resource

-- Select the Resource that you would like to share

--Select Share

Direct Message

When a member creates a portal you will be able to 2-way direct message them. You will be able to send them pictures, links, videos, and messages in Fit Pro Tracker.

Sending the Direct Message to a Member or Trial

-Go to the contacts profile

-Click on the "Direct Message" Tab

- Send the message to your member or trial

Member and Trial Portal View - Direct Message

The member and trial will be able to see all the messages (Emails, SMS, and Direct Messages) that you and your staff have sent them. They will also be able to direct message back to you.

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