If you are planning on Migrating to Fit Pro Tracker and your Fitness Facility is located in Canada this article is for you! Below you'll find the steps to follow to complete the merchant application as well as important information on the Migration Process.

  • Canadian Merchant Application Steps

    • Step 1. Complete this Merchant Application form. The information in this form will be sent to billing partner, Zift.

    • Step 2. Zift will then send you a DocuSign to process your application, so be on the lookout for the DocuSign. ( Please complete the Zift identity verification process. It takes about 30 seconds and you can do it here. Please have anyone with 25% or more ownership in your company complete the identity verification process.)

    • Step 3. Zift will also request a copy of the voided check for your location and a copy of your Certificate of Organization. You can upload those documents securely to Zift here.

    • Step 4. Once you complete the DocuSign, Zift will process the application and then they will get the Merchant ID for the location.

    • Step 5. Fit Pro Tracker will alert you that your merchant application has been completed and approved.

  • Important Migration Information

    • All transactions are in CAD as it's how their merchant account is set up

    • Statements will be sent daily and they will come from Peoples Banks platform called PsiGate.

      • You will be receiving daily deposits on weekdays outside of holidays (Monday-Friday. The deposit is whatever was related to charges three days previous. Please see below to help you when your location starts receiving deposits.

      If you charge something on Monday, it is deposited into your account on Thursday. Please see below to help you.

      • Monday deposits: transactions from Wednesday

      • Tuesday deposits: transactions from Thursday

      • Wednesday deposits: transactions from Friday, Saturday, Sunday

      • Thursday deposits: transactions from Monday

      • Friday deposits: transactions from Tuesday

  • Deposit Statements

    Each time you receive a deposit from Zift you will also be receiving a Deposit Statement from Zift with a breakdown of what was deposited into your bank account. If you are not receiving anything please check your "Junk or Spam" folder.

    • Not Receiving Deposits Statement?

      • Zift will be sending a statement with each deposit from [email protected]

      • Check "Spam and Junk Folder"

      • Contact FPT Help Center in the bottom left corner of your Fit Pro Tracker

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