You are now able to send waivers/documents for signatures in Fit Pro Tracker. Remember you will need to import and edit the waiver before sending them out to your clients. Please read the article and watch the video below.

How To Get Waivers In Fit Pro Tracker

Go to the Fit Body Boot Camp Tab and click on the Waiver Tab

Step 1 - Import Waiver

You will need to import the waiver inside your Fit Pro Tracker.

Step 2 - Edit Legal Content

Remember you will need to edit the Legal Content for your Waivers/Doc.

Read and understand the attention screen that pops up

Step 3 - Edit the document and save it

Step 4 - Send Wavier/Doc To Get Signed By Contact

---Go to a contacts profile

---Click on the new waiver tab

---Send Waiver/Doc to Contact via Email, SMS or both

Step 5 - See the waiver/doc sent by SMS and email in "Activity Feed"

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