In Fit Pro Tracker you can build a custom POS System. The article below will go over the steps of setting up your POS system and how to process a purchase from the POS System.

What this article will cover:

---Setting Up Your POS System

---Creating Product Categories

---Adding Products

---POS Reports

---Purchasing A Product With POS System

Setting Up Your POS System

You will begin by creating categories for your products in your POS System. Once the categories are created you will learn to add products so that you can begin selling your retail items and tracking inventory.

1. Creating Product Categories

Creating categories for the various products you sell, helps to keep your retail organized, making the checkout process for POS items quick and easy.

—Under POS Click on Product Categories

---Add a Category Name

---Do not select a parent category

---Choose an Icon for the category (required)

—Click Save

—To now add the new category to a parent category, double click on the category you have just created and saved on the right hand side of your screen.

—The name and icon will auto populate and you should now see the category name listed in the dropdown of the Parent Category field.

—Select your category and click the Update button.

2. Adding Products

Now that you have your categories created, you can begin to add products to the categories.

Click on the Products tab

—Click on "Add New Product"

—Pop up window will appear with various editable fields. Complete the following information for:

  • Category

  • Product Name

  • Product Code/SKU (optional)

  • Product Description (optional)

  • Wholesale Price

  • Retail Price

  • When To Reorder

  • Allow Discounts

  • Taxable

  • Disabled (only check when wanting to remove a product from showing available in the POS system)

TIP: Don't forget to add a picture for the product

You will need to scroll down in the window to complete all of the necessary fields.

How to Edit the Product Information and Inventory

Click on the pencil icon for the product you wish to edit.

—Choose General Information or Inventory.

  • General Information is where you are able to edit product information. For example, product name, price or the notification to reorder.

  • The inventory tab is where you are able to edit the inventory of a product. You can add initial inventory, or additional inventory. You are also able to remove inventory.

Choose an Action:

---Add Inventory

---Remove Inventory

---Reorder Inventory

Once you click on "Apply" the system will add or subtract the current inventory as well as add the action into the Inventory Action History.

You are able to search for products by clicking on the category or by typing the product name into the search bar.

You are able to view all products that have been disabled by clicking the Disabled button.

If you find you need to re-enable a product just click the pencil icon to the right of the product to edit.

Re-enable by unchecking the Disable checkbox and clicking the update button.

3. POS Reports

Open up different report for your POS system

---Product Sale Report

----Invoice Report

---Inventory Report

Product Sales Report

This report goes over the sales of all the products in your POS system. You are able to filter the date and export to a Excel file. You are also able to see the following info for the Product Sales Report-

--- Invoice Number (Refunds and additional Info)


---Customers Name


---Name of Product

---Discount %

---Purchased Number

---Total Amount

---Total Tax

---Total Tax %

---Total Wholesale Cost

---Total Profit

---Profit %

---Refund Amount

Invoice Report

In the Invoice Report you are able to resend a receipt of a transaction. You are able to filter different dates to view a summary that include a Total Sales Amount, Total Tax Amount, Total Sales by Cash and Total Sale by Credit Card. Below you have a Invoice Report that has the following:

---Ability to resend receipt

---Invoice number

---Customers Name

---Date Created

---Invoice Total

---Tax Total Amount

---Amount by Payment Option

---User (Staff that made sale)


---Refund amount

Inventory Report

In the Inventory Report you will be able to see the different products that are in your POS. You will be able to also see the products on hand, when to reorder, total whole sale price, total retail cost, reorder date, reorder quantity, reorder estimate, and reorder user. Do not forget you can export this list to an excel.

4. Purchasing A Product With POS System

  1. Add the product to cart by clicking on the product

2. If you want to edit the item click on the pencil icon next to it

3. If you want to put a discount enter the amount or % rate and click "ok"

4. Click on the Checkout button

5. Select the client who wants to make the purchase. Choose the Credit Card they will be paying with or if they prefer Cash and they can also split the payment and do both . There is an option to send a receipt if the client wants you to. And to complete the transaction click on the "Complete Order" button.

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