Credit Cards:

You will first need to add a client's credit card to be able to bill them automatically.

How to Add Clients Credit Card

-Go to the Contacts profile.

-Click on the Billing Membership button or the Payment Options Button

-Scroll Down click on "Add Card"

-Enter in the information needed to add the credit card

If it is the first credit card for these contacts it will automatically become the "Primary" payment method

How To Edit Credit Card

-Go to the Contacts profile.

-Click on the Billing Management

-Click on the blue pencil icon next to the credit card to update/edit info

-Insert the info you would like to edit and then click on "Update"

How To Delete Credit Card

-Go to the Contacts profile.

-Click on Billing Management.

-Click on Payment Methods

-Click on the red trash can icon on the left side.

After clicking the red trash can icon, a pop-up box confirming your attempt to delete the credit card will appear.

Click confirm to delete the credit card.

Pro Tip #1:
You will not be able to delete a credit card if:

  • it is a primary payment method

  • it is associated with a membership in the contact's profile

  • it is the only credit card on file

  • it is a card with an "expired" expiration date

Pro Tip #2:
To delete a credit card with an "expired" expiration date, you simply need to update its expiration date to a future date.

Once you have made the updates, you may now proceed and delete the card.

Pro Tip #3:
In selecting a payment method when adding the membership, if the membership is added on the same day, the system will charge the selected payment method. But if the membership was added and set for a future date, the system by default, will charge the primary card regardless of the selected payment option.

ACH Payments

ACH is another payment option that allows you to set up subscription payments using a bank routing and account number for either a checking or savings account.

This payment method can save you and your staff time as ACH payment methods don't have an expiration date. In addition, the processing fees are less for ACH payments.

Important Note: ACH is not an applicable payment method when processing a single POS payment. ACH can only be used for subscriptions.

How To Add an ACH Payment Method

-Go to the Contacts profile.

-Click on the Billing Membership button or Payment Options Button

-Under Payment Options click the Add ACH button

-Add the account details

-Select whether it is a checking or savings account from the dropdown.

Pro Tip: If using a checking account the bank routing number is the first set of 9 numbers on the bottom of the check. The second set of numbers is the checking account number. It is recommended that you double-check to ensure the check number is not included in the account number when taking the information from a check.

-Click Add Payment Method

How to add ACH on an existing subscription

-Once you have added ACH as a payment method you may use ACH on existing subscriptions. You do this by clicking the Edit Payment Method button on the existing subscription you wish to change.

-Turn the Select toggle switch to on and click the confirm button.

-After clicking Confirm you will be redirected to the Subscriptions page. There you will see the updated payment information reflected as Bank Account/Checking.

Editing the ACH information

-If the ACH information requires editing for any reason, you may go to the Payment Methods and click the edit button next to the ACH method.

-Once the edit window opens you may edit the bank information address or set this as the Primary Payment method by turning on the Primary toggle.

-Be sure to click the Update payment method button to save your changes.

Deleting ACH Payment Method

-If you need to delete the ACH payment method for any reason, you must first ensure it is not selected as the Primary Payment Method.

-If it is the Primary Payment Method, you will just need to add the new payment method and select that as the primary or edit an existing payment method to be the new primary.

-Next ensure this payment method is not connected to any active subscriptions. You can check this by going to Subscriptions in the Membership Billing and editing the Payment Method to a new or existing payment method.

-Click the edit button next to the payment method and select the payment method you wish to use.

-Turn the Select toggle switch on for the payment method you want to use going forward and click confirm to save changes.

- Once it is confirmed that this is no longer the Primary Payment Method and there are no subscriptions attached to this payment method, you may go back to Payment Methods to delete it.

-Click the Delete icon

-You will receive a pop-up message confirming you wish to delete the payment method. Click the Ok button to continue with the deletion.

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