How to Create In The Resource Vault-

--Click on Location (Left Side Of Dashboard)

--Select "Resource Vault"

--Click on "Create A New Resource" button

--Name Your Resource

--Edit/Add Menu and Submenus ( By Clicking Pencil Icon

---Add different Submenus and create how you would like it to look for your members and trials

--Select Save When Finished

How To Send Resource Vault- (2 Ways)

Sending Resource to One Member/Trial At A Time-

--Go to Contacts Profile

--Click on Resource Vault Tab

--Select the Resource to would like to share by clicking the box in the share column

Sending to Batch (Multiple Members/Trials)-

--Select Multiple Members/Trials

--Select Batch (Blue Button)

--Select Batch Resource

-- Select the Resource that you would like to share

--Select Share

Once shared the clients will be able to see the shared items through the Client App* under Resources.

*Please note: Client App has replaced

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