The 3rd set in setting up your Billing in Fit Pro Tracker is creating membership plans. Please see the article and video below to help you out.

Once you complete the membership categories you will be able to start to create membership plans in Fit Pro Tracker.

Create Membership Plans-

- To Create a membership plan you will first need to click on the memberships tab on the left side in Fit Pro Tracker. Click the blue button "Add" to add a new plan to Fit Pro Tracker.

You will then go to the "Add Membership" Page and you will be asked to fill out the following:

  1. Category Name: Select the Membership Category you wish to place the membership into by selecting from the dropdown list. These are the categories you set up in the previous step.

  2. Name: Give the membership a name to identify the membership. This name will be used on the client's invoice. Remember only letters and numbers can only be used to name the Plan.

  3. Code: This is used internally. If you do not know/have the code leave it blank.

  4. Membership Color: In addition to membership categories, colors can be useful for identifying memberships. Select the color you wish to use for this membership.

  5. Auto-Renewal: Use the toggle switch to turn this option on or off. When turned on the membership will auto-renew until manually canceled. If turned off the membership will end after the set date and payments will no longer deduct from the member's account.

  6. Allow Discounts: You may choose to allow discounts on memberships. By turning this on you allow flexibility in the case you need to change the amount when setting someone up on a plan. When this feature is turned off discounts may not be added when selling this plan to a client.

  7. EFT: This toggle switch may be turned on or off. EFT is typically turned on for recurring payment plans and turned off for single payments. When this feature is on it will take those enrolled on the plan and add them to the EFT report. The EFT report gives projected revenue for 30 days. This is a great tool for forecasting recurring revenue.

  8. Bill Period: You may select how you would like the client to be billed. Options are; Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually when the EFT is turned on. When EFT is turned off, the option for a Single Payment appears.

  9. Membership Type: The membership type will change based on whether the EFT is turned on or off. This is because EFT being on is used for members whereas EFT turned off is used for trials. If EFT is on the options will include; Members, Paid in Full, Challenge, or Add-Ons. If the EFT is turned off options will include; Paid in Full, Trial, Challenge or Add-Ons.

  10. Group: This is the group that you would like the client added to based on the membership you have sold them. For example, if you are setting up a trial membership you may want them to go into the trial group. If you are setting up a challenge membership you may want the client added to the prospects group. If you are setting up a recurring membership you may want the client to go into the member group.

  11. Length: This is the number of billing cycles in the membership. For example, a weekly membership with a 1-year term would be 52 weeks. A monthly membership would be 12 months.

  12. Installment Amount: This is the amount of each installment in the membership. For example, the amount you charge each week/month.

  13. Extra Charges: You have the ability to add additional charges to the membership such as a Start-Up Fee, Membership Fee, etc. Enter the amount of the fee. The fee will be charged on the first membership installment date and is only charged one time. You will have the option to edit this amount when adding the membership for the individual clients.

  14. Add Tax: Once you set up your taxes you may choose to add taxes, if applicable. Check your state and local guidelines for tax rules and regulations.

    Once you have filled out all of the required fields you may scroll back to the top of the screen and click the "Add" button on the top right. This will add the newly created membership to your membership library.

Tip: Preview: You can preview the Billing Details and when ready select "Add"

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