We are happy to announce the Fit Pro Tracker Mobile App. The Mobile App is now available for you to start using this incredible new feature. Below are the written instructions as well as the instructional video for installing the app and giving feedback.

Please remember this is beta testing so the process will be much easier once it is pushed to production for everyone. I-Phone and Android have two different processes to download. (Android is much simpler).

You will soon receive an email for the App Center Team. Follow the instructions and video below to create an account in the App Center.

Important For IOS I-Phones----

  • The biggest thing to stress to you is to log into the app center with the email that we sent the invitation with. Do not use your default email associated with your phone.

  • Once you log in and create your account. It is essentially to authorizes the app center in your apple I-Phone. You will be authorized to use our beta app.

  • Once above is complete, then you can continue to install the app.

Steps For Set Up---

1. Click on the email

2. Create a account or Log in

3. Add Device

4. Once you add device it will ask to configure profile

5. Click Install

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