In this module we will be learning about the Billing feature in Fit Pro Tracker. Please see the video below to help you understand how to Creating Memberships, Putting Members/Trials Into Memberships and Refund.

Check Merchant Status- 0:25 sec.

-Your merchant application needs to be completed and approved before you create memberships and start billing contacts. If you need to complete the application please see the the article Merchant Application.

Billing Dashboard-

You will now be able to see your billing data in one place. The Dashboard has multiple different features. The dashboard shows you Total Customers that are being billed. The number of past due customers and your Payment Success Rate. You can also see the past due date for the past month and week.

If you want to see the customers that are past due you can click on the memberships and it will bring you to the next screen of customer details.

Re-Run Transaction-

If you need to re-run a you can go back to the transaction that fail or is due. by clicking on the invoice the invoice will open up to the transaction details. Select the card that you would like to re-run the transaction with and click on "Run Transactions".

Membership Categories- 0:45 sec.

- Membership categories is the place you can create categories for your active billing plans. You will first need to create categories before creating different billing plans for your members.

Creating a Membership Plan- 1:45 sec.

- To create a membership plan you will first need to click on the memberships tab on the left side in Fit Pro Tracker. Click the blue-button to add a new plan to Fit Pro Tracker.

You will then go to the "Add Membership" Page.

You will be asked to fill out the following:
A. Membership Information

  1. Category Name- This is the membership category that you made in the step before.

  2. Name: This will be used on the clients' invoices. Remember only letters and numbers can only be used to name the Plan.

  3. You can choose a color

  4. You may opt to have the membership on Auto Renew

  5. You may also opt to have discounts.

    B. Billing Details

  6. Installment Plans
    Choosing to turn on your EFT button makes the membership you are creating an active membership. If you choose to turn it off, then it will be an active trial.

    You may choose its bill period to be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  7. Membership Type
    You may choose this membership to be members, paid in full, challenge, or add-on (services)

  8. Groups
    You may choose to assign which groups will the contact be placed once they subscribed to this membership.

    Important: Contacts may be moved from leads to prospects to trials to members but once they are already in the members' group, they cannot be moved to another group regardless of what is indicated in the membership.

    Pro tip: If you enable the EFT option it will show under the Active Memberships Report and if you disable it the membership will show under the Active Trials Report.

9. Determine the length and the installment amount of the membership.
10. You may also choose to add extra charges and tax.

11. You can preview the Billing Details and when ready select "Add"

Start Billing Members and Trails- 5:00 Min

Important Tip- Go to the contacts profile first and set up their Billing Membership and credit card info.

Contact profile and Membership

To see the Contact profile and To Add a Membership you can click on the "Add membership button"

To look up members who are in your billing system you can click on "Customers" and filter through to see all your paying customers. You can also double-click on the client and it will open up their "Customer Information."

Billing Transactions - 9:45 min-

Go to Transactions and find the client you are wanting to look up. Click the blue button next to their name to view the tractions details of the client.


To refund a client you will need to go to the client's profile and go to Billing Activity Summary. Click the Add Refund button on the right side of the page.

Add Refund window will appear. Enter the amount you would like to refund the client and select the payment method and then click Confirm button. Make sure to leave a note for future reference. The transaction will reflect on the account real time.

Important Reminders:

  • If the client's account has a $0.00 balance, you need to add a credit first with the same amount of the refund, once the credit is reflected you may proceed adding a refund on the account. If you directly add a refund on an account with a $0.00 balance, the refund amount will reflect as a negative balance.

  • If the client's account has a positive balance, you may proceed adding the same amount of refund right away.

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