1. Ask Support to turn on Booking (If it is not already turned on in your account)

Ask in the Customer Support Center to turn on Booking in your Fit Pro Tracker

2. To enable this feature, you need to enable your kiosk.

--Go to Location "Setting"

--Click on Kiosk Setup

--Turn on your Kiosk.

--Create a password

--Click on the demo.fitprotracker.com/kiosk/login Link on your page.

In the Kiosk View you will be able to click on the classes and sign contacts into the class by clicking on their names or looking them up in the class session.

3. Set up your class schedule:

--Click on the Session Schedule

--Create the different sessions that you offer at your facility.

4. For your members, they will need to download the Client App* to register for the classes.

5. Check-In Management Dashboard- View All the Classes and Attendance in Fit Pro Tracker For A Selected Day.

--Click on Check-In Tab

--You and your staff can also see all the attendance in Fit Pro Tracker without going in to the Kiosk View.

--You will be able to confirm and un-confirm contacts attendances.

6. View Classes in Contact Profile

To view a contacts attendance you will need to go to the contacts profile and click on "Session Attendance".

You will be able to track the contacts Lifetime sessions, Avg. Per Month, Avg. Per Week and edit pre-existing sessions, if necessary.

In addition, you can easily toggle between the previous weeks attendance, current week, next week and lifetime sessions for the client and you are able to view the attendance status.

Below, you can view a report and select the timeframe of the data you wish to see. The system will show the Name of the Session, Date, and Attendance status. You can also export the report to an Excel File or make a new booking for the client.

*Please note. Client App has replaced iliv.fit

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