We are happy to announce the Client App* and resource vault is now available for you to start using. Below are the written instructions for the Client App and The Resource Vault in Fit Pro Tracker.

Batch Inviting Members and Trials to the Client App -

--Log into Fit Pro Tracker and go to Location.

--Click on Client App

--You will see 3 groups of contacts: Members, Trials, Prospects

--If there are contacts that have not already received the invite you will see how many have not been invited.

--Click Invite to send a batch invite to the category of contacts you wish to invite

--You will receive a pop up notification to confirm you would like to send the invites.

--Click the "Send" button to send the invites.

--Click the "No" button to cancel the request.

--You may also filter the status of invites in the report on the Client App page.

--Search by contact allows you to search by name (you can search by first name or last name)

--Filter a specific group by clicking the field that says "All Groups". Once clicked you will have a dropdown to select the group you would like to filter.

--The All Status field allows you to select various statuses from the dropdown so that you may filter out by status. Statuses include; All Status, Accepted, Invite Sent, Not Invited Yet, and Expired.

Additional actions based on selected filter:

--Filtering to Invite Sent will show all contacts in all groups that were invited but have not yet registered. On the far right there is an icon you may click on to resend the invite.

--Filtering to Not Invited Yet will show any contacts from all groups that have not yet been invited to the Client App. You may send an invite to the individual by clicking the envelope icon on the far right of the contact info.

--If a contact does not register within 10 days of invite being sent the invitation will automatically expire. When you filter to expired invitations you will have the option to resend the invitation to individuals by clicking the plane icon on the far right of the contact information.

--You will notice no additional options to send/resend an invite on the accepted filter. This is because the contact has registered on the Client App and no additional action is required.

Sending an invite from a contact profile - You may also send an invite directly from a contact profile rather than accessing the Client App page in your Fit Pro Tracker.

--Go to the client profile you wish to send an invite to.

--Under member details you are able to view the Client App status for that contact.

--If invite has not been sent or can be resent you will have the icon available to do so.

--Click the icon to send/resend the invitation.

Once the invitation is sent:

The contact will receive the email titled "Welcome to the Client App, Please Confirm Account"

--The client will also receive a text message with a registration code.

--After the client downloads the app to their mobile device they will see an option to register.

--Select Register

--The client will then be prompted to set a password for their account.

--Client can now login into the Client App with the email address they have set up in Fit Pro Tracker and the password they just created.

How to Create In The Resource Vault-

The Resource Vault is a great option for providing additional resources to clients. You can add videos and documents and select which individuals have access to the content which makes for a great add-on and bonuses for clients.

--Click on Location (Left Side Of Dashboard)

--Select "Resource Vault"

--Click on "Create A New Resource" button

--Name Your Resource

--Edit/Add Menu and Submenus ( By Clicking Pencil Icon

--Select Save When Finished

How To Send Resource Vault- (2 Ways)

Sending Resource to One Member/Trial At A Time-

--Go to Contacts Profile

--Click on Resource Vault Tab

--Select the Resource to would like to share by clicking the box in the share column

Sending to Batch (Multiple Members/Trails)-

--Select Multiple Members/Trials

--Select Batch (Blue Button)

--Select Batch Resource

-- Select the Resource that you would like to share

--Select Share

How to Give Feedback/Report Bug-

--Go to "Feedback" at the bottom left of Fit Pro Tracker Dashboard.

--Go to iLiv.fit Portal

--Log In (It will be your Fit Pro Tracker Email and Password)

--Write a post or vote for a post

Your feedback on this feature is crucial to its development. We are very thankful for each one of you and can't wait to hear from you. Thank you for your time. We are always here for you.

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