Remove Add-Ons From Your Account

If you’ve added something to your account in billing, but you now want to remove it, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to “Location” in your side panel.

  2. Click on “Billing”.

  3. You will see “Add Ons” listed in the settings menu options. Click here.

  4. If you have an add-on, you can click on the “Cancel Credits” area that lists the number of credits you have left. You will be asked to type “remove” to confirm. Then hit “Remove Addons”.

Remove Contacts From a Campaign Automatically Upon their Response to a Campaign

You can easily configure your campaigns so that when someone replies to a message, they are then automatically taken out of the campaign flow.

  1. Click on “Campaign Management”.

  2. Double Click on a Campaign.

  3. Turn the “Cancel Campaign Option” on to configure the campaign so that when a contact responds to a message, they are taken out of the following communications from that campaign.

  4. To set any additional rules, click on “Configure” and you will have additional options to select upon someone’s reply.

Enable and Access the Class Attendance / Check-in Feature

  1. To enable this feature, you need to enable your kiosk.

  2. Set up your class schedule:

  3. View Your Class Schedule:

  4. For your members, they will need to log into to register for the classes.

  5. View Classes in Contact Profile

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