Why aren’t emails going through to your contacts? You can dissect the issue!

When someone is unsubscribed from emails by manually by you, by doing it himself or herself, or by the email carrier, there are additional details you can view to give you insights as to why this may have happened. To view this:

  1. Go to the contact profile you’d like to view by searching for your contact in the top search bar.

  2. In the left menu where the profile details are, scroll down to three green/red buttons. Ensure the “Email” button is red as this indicates emails cannot be sent. If this is the case, you can see the additional detail referenced here below. If you do not want this person to be sent emails, you can click the green email button to become RED. It will already be red if the contact was unsubscribed.

  3. Click on “Email”, in the top right menu of the profile.

  4. When you click on “Email” as an example, you will see “Emails Sent” and the last sent date, “Emails Received” and last received date, “Self Service” which gives you insight as to what you can do to get them to update their email preference. There is also a link to the help article in the “Need Help” section.

  5. Pay attention to the number of emails you have sent compared to the number of emails received. If you’ve sent a lot of emails, with not many received emails, the email carrier can view that as spam. So it’s important to pay attention to this.

Reply to an Email in Fit Pro Tracker

You can easily reply to emails in Fit Pro Tracker by following the two steps below:

  1. Click on “Email” in your side-panel of Fit Pro Tracker

  2. Open an email, and here you have a reply functionality in the upper-right corner.

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